Time for us to act in solidarity with Labrador

Info, events and calls to action in solidarity with all Inuit, Innu and Labradorians who are opposing the imminent poisoning of Labrador’s waters and food.

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Flood their phones, not the reservoir!

Newfoundlanders, Labradorians, Canadians and everyone who cares about the health, culture and human rights of the people of Labrador: YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED!

The flooding of the reservoir at Muskrat Falls, without prior clearing of vegetation, could start any time. This will result in an immediate increase in methyl-mercury levels in the downstream waters, which will have a devastating impact on the health and culture of all those who rely on traditional foods from these waters. There is also much (well-founded) fear that structural instability in the dam could cause collapse and serious flooding.

Thousands of Nunatukavut Inuit, Nunatsiavut Inuit, Innu and Labradorians are speaking out against this and for their health, culture and human rights.

So far, the premier has been unwillingly to listen to these voices and act. We now need to demand that our MHAs amplify our concerns and tell the premier directly that the risking of Labradorian lives and the poisoning of their wild food is not acceptable.

It’s time to flood their phones, not the reservoir!

We ask all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to contact their MHA immediately to tell them that this is not okay. We ask all people without a residence or hometown in NL to contact the prime minister or directly contact the premier of NL.

Help flood their phones now:

  1. Call them at the number given here: http://www.assembly.nl.ca/members/cms/membersdirectlines.htm
  2. Ask to leave a message for your MHA.
  3. Introduce yourself: “Hello, my name is (your name) and I am from (
    your town).”
    • Leave a message as simple as: “Please tell the premier that reservoir flooding at Muskrat Falls cannot go ahead if there is any risk of methyl mercury poisoning or North Spur collapse. Do not let flooding go ahead on October 15.”
    • Or leave a more detailed message like:
      I am deeply concerned about the harm that will be done to Labradorians when the reservoir is flooded on October 15. The people of Labrador will lose a vital, traditional food supply to methyl mercury poisoning and are afraid that flooding from the North Spur collapse will destroy their homes and take lives. I urge you to contact the premier and tell him, on my behalf, that this is unacceptable. Reservoir flooding cannot go ahead if there is any risk of methyl mercury poisoning or North Spur collapse.”



Act Now

Please take action to support Billy Gauthier, the many protectors of the lands and waters of Labrador and all Labradorians who are calling for a halt to the Muskrat Falls project.

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